Independence fosters patient self-esteem, hope

Individuals with severe, paralyzing injuries and disabilities need more than treatment and support. They need a strategy for moving forward in life.

The solution? Greater independence. At ATS, that’s exactly what we deliver with our pioneering assistive technology systems. Regardless of the severity of the impairment, our speech generating devices and Environment Control Units put individuals in control of their surroundings using their capacity for speech, touch, head movement, eye gazing and more. In return, these individuals are far less dependent on nurses, family members and other support staff, and quickly reclaim their self-esteem and hope for a productive, engaged lifestyle.

Learn about our revolutionary commercial solutions for clinical facilities and custom residential solutions for individuals who live at home.

Updates & News

December 2, 2011
ATS announced today the introduction of the Command Center

No tangled wires or cables.
No slow, second-rate technology.

You will love our sleek, powerful system.